Fundraising for our Mum's Interstitial Lung Disease

Fundraising for our Mum's Interstitial Lung Disease

Dear Loved Ones,


Our mother, Dolly Daswani, 58 yrs, travelled for Ayurvedic treatment to Coimbatore, India in October 2022.

On Nov 11th she had difficulty breathing and was rushed to ICU where she was diagnosed with pneumothorax in her right lung and an ICD tube was placed inside of her chest.


She became stable and was steadily recovering but on December 2nd her heart unexpectedly had an issue and she was rushed back to ICU. On Decemeber 7th, we took the call to move her via ambulance to a more specialized hospital in Bangalore. She was again becoming stable and recovering well. On Dec 22nd, she suddenly had a mild stroke out of the blue and a week after suffered a cardiac arrest and had to be ventilated. She managed to come off the ventilator and began recovering well again.

On Jan 2nd 2023 she experienced shortness of breath and became unconscious. She remains in this state and in a critical fight for her life. As of now, her vitals are stable and are holding on. 

Despite everything she had endured, which would be unimaginable for most, she has been the strongest and bravest without ever complaining. We have seen the sheer strength of her love, devotion and will to fight against ALL odds, baffling the doctors constantly along the way. She has endured the highest extent of pain with tube surgeries, constant IV lines in her arms, neck, feet, ongoing blood tests, MRIs, CTs and more. It has been extraordinary cicumstances but her LIFE energy is determined.

We have been in ICU in a corporate hospital in Bangalore for over a month now, totalling 9+ weeks of private hospital bills. Bangalore is also not our home in India.

Her only wish is to return back to her home in HK and be with her family. Our only option for her condition is an air ambulance, which has a starting rate of 200,000 USD.

We are sharing this in raising funds and receiving any contribution towards her treatment and method to help facilitate her transport.

Seva has always been a central part of Mum's life, and she constantly gave her time and donated to programs and organizations in both HK and India. From any support received we will donate 15% towards supporting a HK and India organization in her name. (These will be decided on a later date.) 🪷

If you are able to support in any way, we would be so grateful. 🙏🏽

Thank you so much, and like Mum would always say, "God Bless You". 💛

Resham & Jenny

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